• Kelsey Costello

Hi! I'm Kelsey.

Welcome to KS Photography!

I'm Kelsey Sawatzky, owner and photographer. I'm the ever-smiling face you'll meet for your session!

I grew up in the United Kingdom, moving to Alberta when I was 8 with my loving parents and annoying older brother (love you bro!) . I started photography in high school as one of my 'options' classes and fell in love with the art. Since the first day of that class, I promised myself that I would one day be a full-time photographer and now here I am - on my way to making that dream a reality.

At home I have a wonderful, loving, crazy husband who makes me laugh every day. Together we have an amazing son who was born prematurely and turned our world upside down, we are so thankful for him everyday. We also have a hyper 75 pound black labrador named Willow and two cats!

Outside of photography I'm a veterinary medical receptionist. I love animals and love my job working with them all day. I always wanted to work in a veterinary clinic and managed to get my dream position at a veterinary clinic. I have the perfect ratio of seeing humans and animals all day (let's be real - who doesn't love being around some sort of animal all day?!)

That's a little about me! I hope you got a sense of who I am and I can't wait to work with you!


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