What Makes a Great Boudoir Location?

When booking your boudoir session, you may be wondering where your pictures will be taken. For most of our clients, they opt to have the photos taken in our studio. For some women, they may prefer their own home or a hotel room / Air BnB. There are also options to rent other photography studios if we can’t find exactly what you are looking for!

What makes a location truly great is that YOU are comfortable in it! Of course there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your perfect location.

Good Lighting - good lighting is a must for any photography location. My biggest suggestion is picking the room in your house (or other location) that has bigger windows. Of course with some locations, big windows aren’t always possible. Not to worry - I will bring artificial lighting to help us out!

Clutter Free - When using your house for a location, the most distracting factor in photos is clutter. This does not mean that your house has to be spotless and completely clutter free - just remove anything off counters, dressers, etc. that normally wouldn’t be there (mail, laundry, etc.)

Different Furniture Options - Just like having a variety of poses to choose from, a variety of furniture can make your session have so much diversity! I suggest at least two different options for furniture and at least two different “blank spaces”. For most people, their boudoir session will utilise their bed, a chair or couch, a blank wall (ideally near a window) and a floor space. Just having these four options can make a whole world of difference in your session. 

Other Locations - When planning your session, think outside of the box! Is there an area in your house that you think would make your photos unique? Maybe a newly renovated area that you LOVE? How about an area of your house that incorporates your favourite hobby? I am always open to having a video chat to decide on your perfect location after you book! 

If you have any questions about the perfect location, feel free to reach out or even ask in our VIP Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/654020728677233/

Talk soon!